Bernard Kolélas Officially in the Presidential Mobility

While many were wondering about the position of Bernard Kolélas at the start of the electoral competitions scheduled in Congo from next June, Former Deputy Mayor of Brazzaville and last Prime Minister of Pascal Lissouba has just reactivated the political alliance between his party, the Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integral Development (MCDDI) and the Congolese Labor Party (PCT) of Sassou N ‘ Guesso, in power. The very explicit content of this agreement clearly shows that the two leaders will have to once again make common ground.

The remarriage between Denis Sassou Nguesso and Bernard Kolélas, legally reactivated by the signature of ” Investing to promote lasting peace in the Pool Department. As Firmin Ayessa, Permanent Secretary of the PCT, in charge of relations with national parties, said, this agreement, which must go beyond the electoral framework, express the shared will of Denis Sassu N’guesso and Bernard Kolélas to consolidate peace, Unity and national concord, as did Fulbert Youlou and Jacques Opangault, who signed the UDDIA-MSA agreement 48 years ago in the same hotel, which was called “Hotel Bilembo” yesterday. A week before, Bernard Kolélas urged the youth of his party to welcome the electoral census, and pleaded for peaceful, free and transparent elections.

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Post Author: Maxine Holt