The DG Victim of an Organized Cabal

Under the sensational title “The DG of the port caught in the bag” that unfortunately unfortunately The sulphurous content of the article, you write that the Director General of the PAPN falsified the presidential decree N ° 2006-638 of October 30, 2006 approving the statutes of the autonomous port of Pointe Noire. The same article then accuses the Director General of the Port of having “incurred expenses in breach of the rules of financial control, the improper charging of an expenditure intended to conceal an excess of credit and the commitment of an expenditure by Unauthorized person “. All this, Article with the complicity of the financial controller of the republic in Pointe – Noire, Mr ABARAKA, who would take advantage of his “position” to validate “all the financial documents, with a comfortable commission”.

In support of these fanciful and unfounded accusations, as we shall show, the “white-collared bandits” that we are, would have been discovered thanks to the perspicacity of the Attorney General at the Court of Accounts, Mr. Henri BALLARD. Before exposing the obvious will to harm the Director General and the PAPN, to undermine his honor, his credibility and that of the port, through these infamies which you thought useful to put at the disposal of your public, We want to remind you by relying on our modest experience, not as a journalist, But as a diligent reader of the newspapers, it is not permissible for the press to use insulting terms to establish accusations. It is scandalous to read your article that the high national authorities and the collaborators of the President of the Republic are “crooks”, without objectivity and professional rigor have led you to ensure the veracity of the facts. We speak, as far as we are concerned, of hatred, calumny and cabal against the person of the Director General of the port. Well your article fits right into the thread of this cabal. About the port statutes to which you refer, we inform you that the corrective decree was taken by the Head of State and published in the official gazette.

This amending decree perfectly responds to the spirit of openness of the PAPN, to the concerns of users, economic operators and donors. This text does not unfortunately respond to the motives of those who, with a malice, driven by private and partisan interests, have misled you. We defend the interests of the port such was not the case, the president of the republic would not have taken this decree rectifying. Regarding the insight of the Attorney General at the Court of Auditors, which would have made it possible to expose the mafia network we are organizing, we inform you that on 9 March last, Mr. Ballard took a requisition forbidding The Director General of the port to leave the National Territory because ” He would be “liable to prosecution”. The terms of the requisition are at least controversial. Every Congolese citizen is in fact liable to be prosecuted because the law is binding on all.

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