How are Soccer Fans increasing Tourism to Congo?

Soccer is an international sport and fans from all over the world go to different places to watch the soccer match of their favorite teams. Soccer teams keep traveling from country to country to play the match with other international teams. Whenever an international match is played, fans from all around the world come to see that match.

This helps promote tourism in the country where the match is being held because the fans spend most of their time in visiting different historical and beautiful places when they are not watching the match. That’s the reason why most of the countries organize several events and matches so that they can get more tourists and increase tourism in their country.

Similarly, Congo also took a major step a few years ago by organizing a soccer series into their country. Congo was considered to be a backward area and it was never a great attraction for tourists because there was nothing remarkable that could have grabbed the attention of tourists but after the first soccer series, it became a very popular country for tourism.

Man Utd soccer tours by Wharton’s Travel was one of the major sponsors that made this incredible event become successful in Congo. Since then the Soccer started growing in Congo as well and now tourists from all over the world come to see different valuable places whenever a soccer match is organized in Congo.

Here is how Soccer fans are increasing tourism in Congo.

Sharing their experience

The fans who went to attend the incredible series of soccer in Congo visited many valuable places there and they came back to their countries with a lot of memories and experiences. These fans shared their experience with their friends and told them about all the things they saw in Congo. They told them about the beautiful places and historical monuments they got to see in Congo.

They also told their friends and family members about the culture and tradition of Congo which helped a lot in promoting tourism in Congo.


These fans didn’t only share their photographs with their friends but they also publish some of these photographs on different social media sites which helped a lot in promoting Congo tourism.

Some of these fans shared these photographs on different forums and recommended different people to visit Congo for their next visit.


Vlogs are getting very popular these days. Some fans that came to attend this amazing event made some vlogs and shared them with the people who are following them on different sites. This was one of the best ways how Soccer fans displayed the beauty of Congo to their friends and followers.

This indirect promotion helped a lot and now tourism in Congo is growing faster than before.

Post Author: Maxine Holt